Jorge’s Mate Story: Mate has changed my life and it can do the same for you

I’m a college student and a gamer and ever since I started school I have had to stay up long nights working on papers, review, Etc. and I am always looking for an energy kick to stay awake the next day or during the night like a typical student/Gamer. I’m a pretty hefty guy and drinking more soda or energy drinks would not be the greatest decision I could take, so I decided to look for something different and I had always been surrounded by people that drank mate but I was never into the whole sharing a straw
to drink with people but, one time while talking with one of my family friends, he mentioned mate and it’s millions of benefits and how it helped him with his work and I was skeptical and rolled my eyes and though “yeah right! Sure a magical drink right?” so after I got home from his house I looked up Yerba mate on Google and to my surprise I found that it does have millions of benefits and I looked for places to buy it from, I found a kit from one website called Think geek, it was a Wynd horse especial mate it came with a bombilla which is used as a straw and a gourd to actually drink the mate and after reading all of the good benefits of mate I was so excited I even had it shipped overnight! Meanwhile, I stayed up all night looking at tutorials on how to drink mate.

Finally the next day, my package arrived and I was so excited I ripped open the box and found a little calabash gourd and a bag of mate and to my surprise it came with instructions on how to prepare the mate and so I did my best to prepare it but then I realized that the gourd was not ready for use and that I had to cure it, so I left it overnight with water and mate. The very next morning I got up and cleaned the ground out it and heated some water to pour on the mate and then I sipped it, it was so strong with a very smoky flavor and a little bitter, at the time I didn’t know but especial on the bag meant it had been aged therefore had a stronger taste.

Jorge giving the Mate thumbs up!

The first time I drank it I didn’t like it but, then after trying it multiple times I found I started to enjoy it and after a while I started to look for other brands and flavors and after some research I found Taragui mate. I got it and to my surprise it was nice, it had the nice tea flavor not so strong like the Wynd horse mate and while I liked the Wynd horse mate, this one I really liked. One day, I was sipping on my newest addiction when I found some videos from a guy called Dave mate and his brother Mateo and I spent the longest time watching and sipping on my mate and it almost felt like we were in a circle listening to their experience with mate and they helped change my way of looking at mate.

I loved that after about 3 gourds worth of mate it made me feel very relaxed and happy yet very energized with no glitters and I tried it for about a week and cut out all the energy drinks and coffee. After the week I felt amazing, I was sleeping better, I was more focused in school just like my friend told me but then one of my friends gave me an energy drink after a long study day and I drunk it but I hated how it made me feel, I felt clumsy and my mind was cluttered, I felt like running and yelling and after feeling clean, natural energy from mate nothing can compare and after a year I still love mate and while I’m still a newbie, I love trying new mates and I’m now part of this awesome online community of Materos. so, mate has changed my life and it can do the same for you it’s even helped me shed some pounds so pick up your gourd and take a sip to better health and a better spirit! Enjoy Materos


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