From Disgust to Delight: Why I Can’t Imagine a Day Without Yerba Mate!

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Yerba Mate. The first step to good health

– What are you drinking?

– Yerba Mate.

– Yerba what?

And this is how it begun. It was my older sister who brought yerba home. And…let’s be honest – at the beginning, I thought it was disgusting. Back then, I was a huge lover of anything containing sugar. There was no way that I would drink tea without two spoons of this white enemy. By saying that, I do not mean that I hate sweet things now; that’s not how it works. But I am definitely trying to get my life on a healthy path.

One of my steps was yerba. At the beginning, it was hard to convince myself to drink this muddy-looking thing. I used to drink it with a slice of lemon or homemade raspberry syrup. Anything just to cover the taste. But do not let my story discourage you from trying yerba mate!

Smiles and yerba mate..nothing better :)
Smiles and yerba mate..nothing better :)

Studying the night away with Yerba Mate

It helped me a lot during my studies. I had the great pleasure (or crazy idea) of studying two different things at the same time. This means I spent around 8-10 hours a day at the university. It required a lot of energy, especially if we take into consideration the fact that you also need some time to study at home, and that you definitely want to have some sort of social life. Yerba helped me stay awake through whole nights, when it was needed. And it saved me from all kinds of energy drinks which made my stomach die every time I took a sip.

For me, the quality of yerba I drink makes a huge difference. I need at least 90% of leaves in my drink to really enjoy it, so I am careful in deciding what I am going to buy. Another thing I discovered after a while of drinking yerba were the different tastes which are available on the market. Yerba with different herbs or dried fruits tastes amazing. And during the hot summer, when you really need something to cool you down and the same time provide you with constant energy, there is nothing better than tereré. Just mix your yerba with cold water, or even with juice if you prefer, and enjoy!  

The quality of yerba mate makes a huge difference
The quality of yerba mate makes a huge difference

I can’t imagine a day without Yerba Mate!

After a couple of years from the moment I started my friendship with yerba, I cannot imagine a day at work without my yerbomos (special thermos for yerba mate) full of this wonderful, healthy drink. I walk with it throughout the whole day, even taking it with me for meetings – especially when it is obvious that they will be rather boring :( . When I go on longer trips, and I have couple of hours in a car in front of me, there is no chance that I will forget to prepare my rescue kit: at least 0,75 liters of yerba. A couple of people in my area became huge fans of this pure health in leaves from me walking around with my yerba mate gourd or yerbomos.

I have to say that it is a great pleasure to share such an incredible discovery with others, and I am glad that I could share it also with you!


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