Wojciech Cejrowski – The most popular Yerba Mate drinker in Poland

I don’t wanna be another Wikipedia, so this is not a biography. If you want more information check on google or comment with a question under this article.


When somebody asks me: ‘Hey pal, what is Yerba Mate?‘ I usually answer: ‘This is an Argentinian drink, this same what Wojciech Cejrowski always drinks.’ Why I do that? Because Mr. Cejrowski always has a thermos, palo santo and bombilla. On his tv shows, on the cover of his books, and when he gives interviews on other shows. Almost everywhere and every time! He’s very popular in Poland so people associate Mate with him.

From Palicki/AKPA

In short, he is a Polish traveler, writer and journalist. He’s a very original person and you can’t mistake him with anyone else. For example: He doesn’t wears shoes, most of he time, but wears Hawaiian shirts.

From natemat.pl

But his image isn’t the most important thing. He is (for me) very motivating person. As a journalist he was at a lot of countries and magical places. To get money, for his first journey he sold his own fridge. It was in communism era, so traveling was almost impossible. He never hides his own view. One time a secret communist police broke all his fingers before his exams. Thanks him and another brave people I live in free country.

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People have a lot of different opinions about Mr. Cejrowski. He is a very religious and conservative person. There is a lot of controversy about his speech. They are mainly about homosexuals, tolerance, religion and politicians. I’m not in agreement with his view of the world, but I respect his opinion.

I recommend his official page, and note on wikipedia:




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