Mikey’s Story: Mate Forever

Well my Mate story starts by hearing about Mate through my father, who had met a dentist that was drinking Mate. My Father asked him about it. The man went onto show my dad his collection of Bombillas and Mates. My Father told me about this so I had to look it up. I am a big tea drinker so a new kind of tea is always of interest to me. In my research of Yerba Mate I came across the Youtube videos of Dave and Matt (Mateo) Askaripour. I Found myself watching almost all of them.

I found a little Latino store and bought my first Yerba. I used a ceramic cup and I had made a cheap Bombilla I bought from the store. As I took my first sip I was almost in shock. I was not expecting it be so bitter and I did not really enjoy the taste. I drank a few gourds and put it away for the day. The next day I decided that I would just drink Mate for a week or two to see what effects it had on my body and mind. When i took my first drink that day I seemed to like the taste and had no idea why.

Mikey pouring fresh water into his gourd

Over the course of the next week I began to really enjoy the flavor, but did not feel any outstanding effects. In about the middle of the second week I started to get this feeling of calm in my body but an increase in thought, creativity level, and wanting to do something productive. This drove me to do more research and share it with my friends and family.

I have now been drinking at least one liter of Yerba Mate a day for about three months now. I have met so many new people and made new friends that I never would have if I did not learn and gain a passion for this powerful herb. Some people tell me it is all in my head and that Mate is just water that tastes like bitter hay. Either way, I do not care, Mate has played a big part in making a bigger and better me. For that i am so grateful to Mateo and Dave for their amazing efforts to spread Mate around the world. Mate para siempre. Mate forever.

-Much Love- Mikey Bishop


One thought on “Mikey’s Story: Mate Forever

  1. Hello, dude! How are you? I´m glad to hear that you like mate. Let me tell you something about it: the first sip you have to spit it out, because it is the bitter. Something else that I recomend you is to shake the mate gourd once you put the yerba in it.
    The history about mate is beautifull, it´s like the feelings that you have had about this drink, you know? Mate is for share,is a symbol of brotherhood and friendship, a sign of peace.
    If you came to Argentina let me know and we will drink ´amargos´(mate) toghether, man! Cheers!

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