CBSe cafe – Is it still Mate?

I love smell of coffee, but I hate taste of it. It’s weird, I know, but It’s true. Also, coffee gives power only in the first hour after you drink it. Then comes the time for drowsiness. We all know that Mate is better than coffee. A lot of people in my family died of a heart attack. I don’t wanna be next, so I’ve been working towards a healthy lifestyle and drink mate.

I ordered CBSe from one of internet shops because I was curious about how It tasted. Before, I drank a flavoured mate, like Orange Amanda, but it was a long time ago. Usually, I drink Kraus Organica or classic Amanda, sometimes some of herbal mixture.

First look
Nothing special. Packaging is made of foil as the other CBSe produckts. It has a brown color with a coffee bean on top.

First drink
When I opened the packaging I felt the smell of fresh ground coffee. First cup tastes like fusion between mate and coffee.
Second drink
Taste of coffee wasn’t intensive like in first cup. I felt it, but it wasn’t the same.
Third drink
‘Where is coffee?’ I don’t taste of it. Mate taste like typcal CBSe.
Fourth drink
‘Is it still CBSe cafe?’

In my opinion CBSe cafe is good to drink it from time to time, or for beginners Mate drinkers. I don’t think that it could replace coffee. I expected more from this brand.

One time, while I drank my Mate, sitting on my coach and reading a novel of Ernest Hemingway I found something very weird in my calabaza. It was this:


Do you believe me? This is a real photography. 4,5 cm of stick! Come on, Who have bigger than me? Please write in comments!


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