Lisandro’s Story: A Nice Atmosphere

Hi I’m from Argentina, for obvious reasons Mate was never something new for me. But I never gave it so much thought, I just didn’t like its taste at first. In my house, it is not so common to drink it like in any normal house of Argentina, only my dad drinks Mate in his “work place.”

Well, a few years ago I made a trip with some friends, older than me, to the mountains in order to do some climbing. I remembered that the things I experienced that day were amazing. I was on the top of the Andes drinking mate, sharing that kind of ritual with them. It was amazing, great memories. And Mate produced a nice atmosphere, among us all, and of course, in me too.

From that day on, I began to drink it almost everyday, and I enjoy it a lot. I think I could write a lot about the feelings it produces in me, and the ritual atmosphere that it creates in a reunion. But, I’m going to be brief.

Lisandro, hangin’ out


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