How Yerba Mate Strengthened My Relationship and Life

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The culture of Yerba Mate in Poland

Hi! Guess what I am drinking right now!

My name is Malwina, but call me Maluine. I’m from Poland, and I live here. Unfortunately, in my country, Yerba Mate is not so popular. So, believe it or not, when somebody asks me what’s the thing I’m always holding in my hand, I try to explain it the best I can. I do it because I want to encourage more people to drink Mate. While it’s not many, I’m proud to say I’ve already had five people drink Yerba Mate because of me. It’s a start!

When I was younger, I used to drink coffee. I have nothing against it, but I think it’s just not for me. Coffee gives me energy, but only for a short moment; 20 minutes after drinking it, I feel sleepy distracted. So, I only occasionally drink it when I meet my friends at cafes. It’s important for me to add that, in Poland, there are only a few places where people can go to drink mate.

About two years ago, my boyfriend and I went to a seaside city called Sopot. It was there we visited the first and only cafe in Poland where people could drink Yerba Mate. We spent a beautiful time together there; I only wish there were more places like it in my country.

Enjoying a delicious cup of Yerba Mate
Enjoying a delicious cup of Yerba Mate

How I began drinking Yerba Mate

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. What was my first time with mate like? It’s honestly hard to forget. My boyfriend started drinking it before me, and he tried persuading me to drink it every time we hung out. Frankly, I was a bit of a food snob, so it was almost impossible to convince me to drink something that looked so ugly. But, don’t worry! Today, I no longer think like that :) However, I didn’t want to try mate back then, until the one time I did.

It was a gloomy, dark and rainy day. I came back from school and met up with my boyfriend. I was tired, had a bad headache and just overall wasn’t feeling well. My boyfriend, Kamil, welcomed me with a smile and a cup of mate in his hand. As I saw how happy he looked, I decided to take a drink. After 15 minutes, my headache stopped and I felt the onset of positive energy. It was a strange feeling, but I felt really good. From that day on, I’ve had Yerba Mate every day.

My boyfriend handing me a gourd of Yerba Mate
My boyfriend handing me a gourd of Yerba Mate

Why couples should drink Yerba Mate

I must admit that mate made me and my boyfriend’s relationship stronger. We found a common hobby, and began to understand each other more. Today, we love spending time together talking and drinking mate. We also take it with us every time we travel; giving us more energy to go sightseeing. With all of that said, I strongly recommend yerba mate for couples! It really helps to bring you closer together, work out problems and understand each other better.

Yerba Mate for every occasion

When I was a student, I used to drink Yerba Mate before every exam. Now, I do it when I relax, read a book, listen to music, cook, do yoga, watch my favorite film and even when I teach my students. Mate helps me to focus. Another great aspect of it is that since I started drinking Yerba Mate, I’ve become open to meeting new people, which is something that used to be difficult for me. Now, establishing new relationships is easy. And as for health, mate supplies an endless amount of vitamins that are essential to live; I feel better mentally and physically, and it has proven to be invaluable during my exercise sessions.

Time for a funny story. Two weeks ago, I was on holiday in Egypt. Of course, every time I go somewhere, I take mate with me. Some people were so interested in what I was drinking, that they would constantly come to me and ask, “What is it?” “Is it shisha?” “Is it a pipe?” There were a few who even though it was marijuana, or hash! They had a hard time believing me when I said it was only tea :)

There’s nothing better than relaxing with Yerba Mate
There’s nothing better than relaxing with Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate in Fall and Winter, tereré in Spring and Summer

What kind of Yerba Mate do I like? I enjoy flavored Taragüi. My favorite blend is the orange one. I also drink Union, which is herby. Sometimes, I sip Colon, which is strong, but my boyfriend really enjoys it. When the weather is a bit colder, I prefer hot Yerba MAte with ginger. On the other hand, I love drinking tereré in the summer with some ice cubes, mint, lemon or honey; it tastes like a delicious lemonade.

Before I leave, I’d like to wish you all a really nice day with a cup of good mate. Cheers!


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