Materos Yerba Mate

The Story Behind Materos Mate

Bringing an Ancient Beverage to the New Age

Yerba mate has been hitting the health scene in North America over the last few years, though it has been around for much longer than that. For centuries, mate has been a popular beverage in South America and is even the primary drink of choice in countries like Argentina.

Living in North America, though, none of us at Materos Mate had ever experienced the ancient tea until one fateful day at a regular desk job. A work colleague was regularly drinking yerba mate, complete with the metal gourd that the drink is traditionally served in. Finally, after noticing this South American beverage make a daily appearance for weeks, we asked what it was all about.

Materos Yerba Mate
Materos Yerba Mate

He explained that he ditched coffee for yerba mate because it offered the same caffeine kick he was looking for, plus all of the benefits of tea. It took very little to convince us, and within no time at all we also made the switch.

Within the first drink, we noticed heightened alertness and focus, yet we did not have the jitters that normally come with coffee. Our moods were elevated and energy levels sustained throughout the day. The biggest shock of all was that there was no caffeine-crash by mid-afternoon, as is usually the case with coffee.

It was then that we knew we had to share our experience with as many people as possible.

Hard at work
Hard at work

Materos Mate Was Born

Yerba mate comes from the holly tree, native to the rainforests of South America. It is naturally caffeinated, just like coffee, which is the primary draw for us coffee-addicted North Americans. It also comes with theophylline and theobromine, which are stimulants also found in tea and chocolate.

Basically, it provides you with all of the pleasures that come with coffee and the euphoria that comes with chocolate, yet none of the guilt.

Yerba leaves also provide an incredible amount of nutrition. They are rich in antioxidants, have 24 vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids. The nutrition profile of the yerba leaf is so impressive that there is no other plant like it on Earth, with the closest second being moringa (also produced in South America).

Needless to say, we felt that this plant had to be shared with others. The problem is that it is quite difficult to access quality organic yerba mate. Not only that, but it’s also hard to find fair-trade, shade-grown yerba mate, which is an ethical priority for our brand.

This led us to South America, where we searched for yerba mate crops that could meet all of our requirements. After lots of negotiations and adventurous explorations, we were finally able to find some plants that fulfilled all of our wishes.  

From there, Materos Mate was born.

Yerba Mate, the most delicious experience in the world
Yerba Mate, the most delicious experience in the world

Why Materos Mate is The Best Yerba Mate on The Market

Yerba mate is undoubtedly the best drink to exist on the planet. Our plants, however, take this a step further by being the best yerba mate on the market.

How do we know?

Because we combined the greatest tea tradition of South America with all of the greatest demands of North America. We ethically source our plants while also ensuring they indeed provide the quality, nutritional properties it is so well-known for.

Our yerba mate is grown under the canopy of the rainforest of southern Brazil, which helps lower the ecological footprint that is so common in traditional cultivation practices. The shade cover allows for better biodiversity in the jungle, supporting more plant and animal life.

A field of Yerba Mate
A field of Yerba Mate

We are also committed to organic practices, as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are detrimental to our health and the health of the planet. As a result, not only are we supporting the health of our customers and the planet, but we are also providing a better-tasting product. To us, it is an obvious choice.

It was also important for us to be sure that the farmers growing and harvesting the plants were treated with the same respect that our customers would be treated with. Thus, we stand behind our fair trade business practices in order to share the benefits of Materos Mate with the people that make this possible. Fair trade practices also reduce poverty and promote environmentally sustainable forms of cultivation. Once again, it was another obvious business practice choice.

A New Generation of Mate Drinkers

In a unique blend of South American tradition and the health trends of North America, we have successfully created a tea that meets the needs of everyone. Our modern take on this ancient drink means that consumers will be getting the nutritional benefits of yerba mate, a natural and safe detox drink, and a convenient energy drink all at once.

We have even created a collection of drinks that speaks to the culture of our time, with crafted blends combining premium ingredients and spices to make the drinking experience all the more enjoyable.

Materos Mate is committed to bringing yerba mate to the masses because it is something that we fully believe in at every level. The way that we source our product, the way that we meet health standards, and the way that we prepare it in order to meet the needs of our healthiest and most forward-thinking customers all speak to this conviction.

Unlike most other brands, Materos Mate does not compromise ethics for taste, nor taste for ethics. Our USDA organic, fair trade, shade-grown, kosher yerba mate makes it not only the most ethical yerba mate on the planet, but also the most delicious.

Whether you want to support your body through a detox or you simply want a healthier option for an energy boost, our blends will meet your needs. You can easily pack your gourd, knowing that every single living thing that helped bring it to you was treated ethically and sustainably. This is what makes Materos Mate accessible to all and the drink of choice among a new generation of health-focused mate drinkers.

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