Herbal Mist Review

Herbal Mist is a company that sells sweetened and diet teas infused with Yerba Mate.

They sent me over a few bottles to try out, and I decided to give them a review since some people may be interested in trying them out.

This is from their website:

Introducing a truly new line of unique sweetened teas, that combines all natural tea, ingredients and fruit flavors with healthful herbs. Herbal Mist teas are freshly brewed as well as enhanced with the celebrated herb Yerba Maté. “Good for your body, good for your soul,” Yerba Maté is found to be rejuvenating, enlivening your mind and body. Six distinctly flavored Herbal Mist teas are sweetened with pure cane sugar and four diet flavors are sweetened with Stevia. All are ready to serve and packaged in 20 oz. recyclable plastic bottles. Feel the difference, try some today!

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