For Yerba Mate, I only have words of thanks


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Moments of drinking mate that never finish

My name is Patricio López. I am Chilean, from the city of Antofagasta, located in the north of the country; a mining area where yerba mate, some years ago, made its way to through a person who acquired this culture of drinking mate from the south of our country. In my particular case, I do not come from the South and nobody from my family taught me to drink mate or about its qualities.

Everything started on one of my trips to Buenos Aires, Argentina, with my girlfriend, where I saw that yerba mate  had a special meaning for the people there; that it was a moment of worship and sharing as a family. Seeing this, I bought my first mate on Av. Corrientes, very close to the Obelisk, with the purpose of feeling that it, the Obelisk itself, was what attracted people to the yerba. After that holiday, once back in Chile,  the afternoons of drinking mates with my girlfriend did not stop.

Enjoying some delicious Yerba Mate at the beach
Enjoying some delicious Yerba Mate at the beach

Why yerba mate accompanies me everywhere

I became so interested in yerba mate because it gives me a lot of energy for my days; previously when I was in university, and now while working on the job. In my case, I also consider myself a very gluttonous person, and one of mate’s main effects is that it takes away enough hunger that allows me to take care of myself and better control my diet. However, it was only its benefits that attracted me to it, but also the cultural effect it has on people; how yerba mate has the ability to unite people, make them engage in a pleasant conversation and, in my personal case, makes me meditate a lot, relaxes me and gives me tranquility and a better perception of my surroundings. This is why yerba mate accompanies me everywhere.

For Yerba Mate, I only have words of thanks
For Yerba Mate, I only have words of thanks

Yerba mate has already become a regular companion in my days, especially on my trips where I always take my mate with me everywhere. Argentina, Peru, Easter Island and Miami have been some of the destinations where my partner has been part of all the good and unforgettable moments.

I have always considered myself a person who thinks a lot about what he wants to do with his life, and I take my time to make important decisions, which is why I constantly prepare fresh gourds of mate. When deciding which route I should take, or if the path I’m on is correct, mate serves as a companion who, when doubt enters my mind, is honest with me and provides direction. It also helps me remember the incredible moments I’ve experienced in my life, and all of that, for me, is because mate allows me to take the time to meditate, be at peace and enjoy the simple things day-to-day life offers us.

Relaxing with Yerba Mate at the lake
Relaxing with Yerba Mate at the lake

Thank you, yerba mate

I only have words of thanks for this herb; it makes everything so simple and always turns out to be the perfect complement for even imperfect moments. I hope that the time to drink mate never ends; to be able to share more with friends, with my girlfriend and family. Whenever I can, I share my best moments drinking mate, and also try to learn more and more about this herb, which is why I’m currently reading The Book of Yerba Mate by Karla Johan Lorenzo; it’s practically like a bible of yerba mate. In it, she discusses the Yerba Mate harvest, in which part of Latin America is a pioneer, the types of yerba and even stories that tell the importance it has had in different countries and anecdotes associated with yerba mate.

My story with this yerba continues, and I am sure that it will continue being a faithful companion in my life, whether good or bad, of doubt or uncertainty. I know  it will give me the necessary calm for every moment, and lend me enough strength to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. I hope that the mornings, afternoons and nights of mate never end. An affectionate hug to all those who, like me, are lovers of this infusion.

May the mates never end! Salud!

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