How I Make Yerba Mate Products with My Heart

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How yerba mate entered my life

Mate has been a part of my life since I had the ability to think. The mother par excellence, which I consider my mother to be, transmitted her “addiction” to three of her four children; I was the last of the three to fall into the wonderful world of mate. I started to drink mate as a grown-up, around the age of 22, and had a very close friend who was an amazing matera. We’d spend everyday together, and she was in charge of preparing and serving the mate. So, I started to drink it because I hung out with her so often.

Years passed, and my boyfriend and I began living together. He’s a mate fanatic who opens his eyes in the morning and immediately puts the kettle on. In the beginning of our time living together, I’d have breakfast with tea, and the “quiet one” would sit there with his habit, until he asked me to share the moment with him, drinking mate together.

So my new minutes of drinking mate were either by his side or, eventually, with my family and friends. At that point, I rarely drank it alone. But, little by little, the ritual began to be a part of my workplace, whether I was alone or with others. Mate is now a habit firmly installed in my life, at all times, especially because I now paint mates for sale.

Beautiful, one of a kind mates
Beautiful, one of a kind mates

Drinking mate is like therapy

From the first day I posted one of my painted mates on my page to see if customers would like the new product, they couldn’t stop asking about them! And the greatest thing about this is that many of my customers are mate drinkers who purchase the mate as a gift for a friend’s birthday, father or mother’s day, or just as a sign of affection. It’s truly fulfilling to be a part of that.  

A client once told me that, for her, drinking mate was like “therapy,” which was why she wanted one of my painted mates. She really liked my product, and chose one with her husband; it was then I understood the value of my work.

When you make any product with love, it shows
When you make any product with love, it shows

In each mate, there’s a piece of my heart

My brush achieves those important moments for so many people, and I work to make this even more special by allowing them to choose their design, color and shape. This helps someone to form a real connection with their mate. Some people like designs that capture dreams of traveling, others enjoy motivated phrases and a few simply just come up with designs that feel right to them.

Now I am a part of each of those moments. And, as I once told a client, “in each mate, in each brush, there is a piece of my heart.”

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