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How Drinking Yerba Mate Changed My Life

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Every sip of Yerba Mate is a new experience

Yerba Mate.

After taking my first sip of mate during my initial days in Argentina, I immediately felt like it was similar to smoking.

“What do you think about it?” my neighbor asked, expecting dislike towards the traditional drink.

“It’s good,” I replied. Days later, I bought a complete Yerba Mate kit (gourd, yerba and thermos) in order to make what was quickly becoming my favorite drink.

Keep calm and drink mate
Keep calm and drink mate

They say that making mate isn’t easy; it’s a ritual with tricks and secrets. And it is these tricks and secrets that I invoke every morning or afternoon (sometimes both) in tribute to the friends who taught me how to prepare this drink that I consider so special; special because alone it helps you to think, solve problems, study, stay awake, focus on what you have to finish and so on. When drinking with others, it extends the experience of spending time with friends, family or even people you just met. Coffee may finish up quickly, but mate is always there.

Every drink is a new experience, because it must be the perfect combination of loose-leaf yerba and hot water. This feeling lasts from the first sip, which is usually bitter and very hot, to the last where I continue slurping it through the bombilla hoping that the moment never finishes.

Some delicious mate, wine and dessert
Some delicious mate, wine and dessert

How Yerba Mate changed my life

For me, drinking Yerba Mate changed my life. It was fundamental to me losing weight, so much so that after three months of drinking it, I dropped four kilos (nine pounds) without any significant physical activity.

And, when you do combine it with constant physical activity (40 minutes / day of running, jogging or cycling), these results are even more notable. It’s worth mentioning that when you drink Yerba Mate before exercising, physical performance significantly improves.

The aforementioned weight loss may have also been caused by the fact that when I started to drink Yerba Mate, I began to consume less sugary drinks and snacks. This is for a handful of reasons, including that in addition to being simple and natural, Yerba Mate is healthy. It also curbs your appetite, which led me to discover that it was no longer necessary to eat goodies between meals. If I eat breakfast, and have two or three cups / gourds of sweet mate, I can make it to lunch without any problems or additional snacking. Yerba Mate is the perfect natural remedy for junk meals in the middle of the morning or afternoon.

Hard at work with mate
Hard at work with mate

Little by little, as time went on, I discovered articles and posts dedicated to the known benefits of Yerba Mate: boosts cardiovascular health, promotes anti-aging, increases good cholesterol, decreases physical fatigue, aids digestions and so on. Perhaps that’s why the legend says that Yerba Mate was a gift the moon made to an elderly member of the Guarani tribe in appreciation and gratitude for saving her from danger here on earth.

All of these health benefits and more can be found in piles across the web. Fortunately, I learned about these benefits after having already gotten into the habit of drinking Yerba Mate, which made it simpler for me to integrate it into my daily routine. Yerba Mate is truly synonymous with well-being.

Why Yerba Mate is my best friend

Since the I first began drinking Yerba Mate, I’ve experienced remarkable experiences. I can now study and work for hours without rest, I have far less tension and it helps me stay both focused and hydrated, which consequently leads to better mental performance.

In another vein, it also helps me to truly relax. Whether I’m at a football match as a spectator, talking with friends or just sitting in one of my favorite places in my city or home, drinking mate provides a perfect way of resting from routines that are sometimes overwhelming. When you’re in good company, Yerba Mate makes it better. When you’re lonely, it makes you feel it less.

Getting ready to enjoy some tasty mate
Getting ready to enjoy some tasty mate

From my first mate to here, I’ve changed homes, habits, co-workers, schoolmates and even my ways of thinking many, many times. But what has never changes if my constant affection for drinking Yerba Mate; my reliable companion during all phases of growing and becoming a better person.

If I were asked to describe Yerba Mate in a single word, it would be incredibly difficult. Maybe I’d say, “delicious,” “different,” “healthy,” “relaxing” or something else.

However, my current definition is as follows: Yerba Mate is unique.


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