Argentina Will Export Mate to Korea

Original title: A trade union from the Misiones region of Argentina will export Yerba Mate to Korea

Trade union, Picada Libertad, will send the first shipment of 12 tons to the Asian country, where it will be consumed as an energy drink, either hot or cold.

Ricardo Szmantiuk told Misiones Online, that they recently managed to sign some contracts with Korea for the exportation of Yerba Mate to that country. “The idea is beginning with a certain quantity that will probably grow if the production and quality keeps stable,” he explained.

The first shipment of Yerba Mate will be arriving to Korea during the next week. It will be 10- 12 tons to begin with. However, if Korea finds the herb suitable for them, the quantity will at least double.

According to Szmantiuk, this is all new for them even though. they export tea and Tung oil. This will be the first time, after an extended period of time, that they will be able to export Yerba Mate. “Korea is a new consumer,” he said.

He also explained that they ways Koreans use Yerba Mate is very similar to how people in China drink tea, where it’s considered as a national beverage. Mate will, in a way, be consumed as if it was “Mate Cocido,” being prepared with hot water and keeping it in a bottle at a very low temperature, as if it was water. “It’s like an energy drink. They believe that in the way we drink it, they won’t be able to introduce it to their culture. However, in this way, as a cold energy drink, it will most certainly succeed,” he explained, and added “it’s relatively a new market that’s beginning to open now and in Asian countries it’s complicated since the way we drink Mate is for them unusual and unsanitary, because of their culture and traditions.”

Nonetheless, Ricardo assured that, even though it’s a new business, for them, they have been working in marketing for a year now, trying to introduce the product to this market.

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