Be the Void: I Was Blind to my Entire Life

What’s up people, my name’s Kevron,  and this is how mate makes me an intergalactic being…

To make these tellings a bit more understandable from my point a view, I will out ahead and say, that I am an addict, will always be one, just so happens to be that currently I live a healthy sober life.

This plant has literally changed my perspective on my life and the universe. Being addicted to almost every drug in the book at some time in my life, uppers, downers, outers, and insiders, nothing ever completely filled the void in my existences enough to keep my emotions and thoughts at a constant. Having a terrible chemical make up in my nervous system, and never being at  a point of sanity that somebody might call “normal,” I did every thing I could to  try and self medicate myself, and I always went back to the same places, depressed, confused, kiss isolated.

Some how along my way I was introduced to Yerba mate, and I drank it for a while thinking it was cool or whatever but I never really got anything from it. None of the changes that people talked about were coming true, but I kept at because I knew there was something I would find. And then BAM, one day my willingness to live, spiritual path, and my awareness of my self all collided one day when I was drinking a gourd. I felt it… Clarity.

Calm energy, awareness of self and all life around me, pure happiness, pure sunshine. Sometimes I feel like the pill in the movie “limitless” was created out of the effects of mate. I see the world differently now, the awareness of life and how other people see their lives is just almost too much to handle, but it’s not. This feeling that mate gives me is not even a feeling, or a high, it’s just existence as I was blind to my entire life. I feel normal again but completely different because people don’t know about this awareness of the ego and self. There’s so much I want to say about this plant but I could go on forever. This plant fills the void, you become the void that goes unseen to the modern eye.

You merely become.


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