One of my morning routines is yerba mate or “drinking mate.” Have you heard of it or had it?

Mate is a drink from South America. I grew up with yerba mate. My father is from Argentina and every morning he and my mom would have mate. Whenever we went to visit our grandparents, we would have mate with them. All this in the middle of Southern California.

Yerba Mate is a loose tea that is traditionally brewed and served in a gourd and sipped through a metal straw (bombilla). It is usually drank in a social setting, such as family gatherings or with friends. The same gourd and bombilla is shared and used by everyone drinking. One person (the cebador) is the server.

There are many benefits to drinking mate, it contains nutrients such as antioxidants, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. It’s been said that it aids your digestive system, supports cardiovascular health and helps you control your weight. Some people even claim that it helps slow down the aging process. Sounds pretty good, right?

I love having mate because it gives me mental clarity and energy, without the crash of coffee. Although it can be drank with sugar, I prefer mine bitter and strong.

I still remember Brian’s face the first time he tried it…It was a kodak moment. Ha! Now, he has it almost every morning!

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